Here we are.

So now we have a blog i guess. We just finished our first recording finally to be distributed as a tape but the tracks will also be here for free. Check ’em out!

download: layers/quake | tape 2009

track list:

1. karp
2. feel it
3. library
4. white girl
5. kristyn
6. poppys
7. just gazer
8. teeth
9. math
10. ben-t
11. first
12. have it all
13. desert
14. explain it


5 Responses

  1. awesome!!!!

  2. dear buddies!
    I totally want to buy a tape from you buds, YAY!

  3. hey althea & ashely! it’s me, osa. we re-met in DC months & months ago. hope you remember me. used to live in portland, was in new bloods. now i got a new band in new orleans called deny it and i put on shows for queer/girl bands in nola. i want a tape and i was wondering if you have any plans to tour the south cuz i’d love to put on a show for you. get in touch! xoxoxo

  4. HOLY CRAP. yours is the most righteous album I’ve heard in a REALLY long time. how can I get ahold of your tape??? I want to carry it on my distro.

  5. FYI: i just put up a review of your tape on philly’s ARTNOISE webzine! thanks for the great tunes!

    take care.
    germ ross

    PS: i tried to leave this comment on the tape page but it seemed to not work. sorry if this getting double posted somehow.

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